Experiment: An artwork created in a pure flow. Do you ever experiment with various things in your life?

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I usually spend a lot of mental effort to come up with an idea and a plan for each art piece. However, I recently created an artwork that didn’t follow my usual routine and didn't have a sketch or a well-defined step by step for its creation.  Imagine the time when you were in a pure flow. That is not how I usually create my art, but once you step into this state, it feels so right, and it feels like it is coming straight from the depth of your soul. Associations and emotions that came to my mind while...

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"A joy of creative exploring with a true master..." - An interview with Jill C Brown

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"I know this will be a joy of creative exploring with a true master. When I met Vadims on Zoom and learned about his amazing work I was so excited listening to him sharing his passion and awesome skills." - Jill C Brown I was recently interviewed by Jill C Brown - a lovely and absolutely extraordinary lady, a talented health and wellbeing life coach and owner of Advance Life Coaching. She considers photography as one of her strong hobbies, and it is her interest in how I do what I do that brought us together with her a while ago....

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Connecting with Ancient Magic - Exploring growth, decay and regeneration - Vase commission

We recently took part in a local exhibition in Southend (at the New City Gallery) and met an incredible range of talented artists there.  However, the two of them really stood out for me. I'm not sure what it is exactly, probably we clicked on a more personal level, or maybe it is their artistic practice and vibe that resonates with my soul more than the art pieces of others.  One of them is Mike - an incredible local ceramist (who will be the main focus of my blog today), and another is Rowena - a talented local sculptor working...

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What's the magic behind my artwork? Inspiration, ideas, the process and much more

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It's finally there! We had so many people asking us various questions about my artistic practice: - How did I start my artistic journey? - How do I make my artwork? - What is it that inspires me? - And how do I achieve this magical painterly look in my photography? So, we decided to record this mini-introductory video to cover all this and beyond. We wanted to show everything we can think of that is usually behind the curtain. Here is the timeline to help you navigate the video: 00:00 Introduction 00:16 My background - how did it all...

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When an artist becomes an artist? What was the foundation for my artistic practice

I knew I wanted to be an artist from a very early age.Even my mom was telling me various stories about how I was stealing her lipstick when I was little and drawing all over the walls at our place.But my very first own memory related to anything to do with art was when I was drawn by someone else whilst spending my summer holidays with my grandparents. And  I can remember it like it was today. It's summer 1994 in a small Latvian village. And it's super hot outside. I am 7 years old and I am speeding up along...

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