7 advantages of buying art online direct from artists

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7 advantages of buying art direct from artists online

A lot of people consider acquiring art as beyond their reach, however, online shopping made the art world much more accessible to a whole new market of buyers, where almost everyone can now afford to buy a piece of great art.

Your art investment journey can start from purchasing limited edition prints direct from artists online. This is a great way to purchase original art at studio prices and start your own personal art collection. When you buy from artists online, you will add unique imagery to your home and in the meantime support artists in their career and enable them to create even more art.

Here are the top 7 advantages of buying art direct from artists online:


  1. Prices on artists' websites are usually lower and often more flexible, as when self-represented online, artists can decide what price to set without paying pricey gallery commissions. Most of the galleries have fees of up to 50% on top of the original selling price set by the artist so you can make plenty of savings by buying direct.
  2. As a collector/buyer, you can build up a relationship with the artist. You can not only explore their website but also follow their social media accounts and blogs to get to know them a bit more before buying.
  3. You will often receive a more personal service from artists when buying direct compared to buying from a large gallery or any other third party. One-to-one consultations and advice are not rare at all.
  4. You can reach out to the artist directly if you have any queries or concerns which enhances the purchasing process with a more personal touch. Most if not all artists will happily answer any questions and help with any additional issues.
  5. Buying from the artist directly gives you a chance to become part of the community, follow their most recent exhibitions and artworks via newsletter. If you like a particular piece so much, there is a much bigger chance you will like other artworks from the same artist rather than new works from a complete stranger.
  6. Purchasing directly from artists will allow you to get to know an artist better and therefore get a sense of where they’re coming from, their artistic philosophy and the meaning behind the individual photographs or series of work.
  7. Many artists offer free shipping and flexible return policy, e.g. returns of up to 30 days if you buy from them direct.

The Internet has made purchasing art a much easier process, so hopefully, you will enjoy the experience of buying your next print direct from an artist online. All the artworks you can see on this website are one-of-a-kind photography masterpieces printed on a top-level archival paper that can last over a century. Every one of them took 6-8 hours on average to produce, and there is a limited number of them available for purchase, which makes them even more special. Browse Our Store now and we hope you will find an ideal fit for your art collection.

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