"A joy of creative exploring with a true master..." - An interview with Jill C Brown

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"I know this will be a joy of creative exploring with a true master. When I met Vadims on Zoom and learned about his amazing work I was so excited listening to him sharing his passion and awesome skills."

- Jill C Brown

I was recently interviewed by Jill C Brown - a lovely and absolutely extraordinary lady, a talented health and wellbeing life coach and owner of Advance Life Coaching. She considers photography as one of her strong hobbies, and it is her interest in how I do what I do that brought us together with her a while ago.

What I love about this interview is her deep and unusual questions. To the point that some of them even gave me a couple of ideas for my future projects and artwork. 

Here is the timeline to help you navigate the video:

00:00 Introduction

01:10 This all started from drawing and painting... 

02:10 The magic behind the light painting & the importance of a vision

07:15 Bringing the light into the darkness - the importance of light in an artistic practice

10:55 Creating something completely unique - using DYI, painting, sculpting and wood-carving in photography

15:10 The stories and ideas behind my artwork as a way to add an extra level of depth

23:20 ICM photography as a new area to experiment with

33:05 Blending colours in photography with the use of movement

36:05 Does the order of compositions matter in post-production?

37:50 The story behind Tesro'on - the adventure of exploration of a multi-dimensional piece of art

45:20 What about turning this series into a book?

47:50 Music in photography

51:20 One to one light painting training

Hope you enjoyed this interview video and feel free to reach out if you have any questions. And please come and tell us what your favourite bit is from the video!

If you'd like to see more of the artworks I've done in the past - feel free to visit my online store here. 

And I am currently working on a new art piece - so keep an eye on my social media and email newsletter - let's connect on Instagram (@photoportrayal_studio) or Facebook.

Until next time,


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