Broken vase: How is photography composition made?

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Many people ask me how the photography composition is made. Where does it start? What goes into the process from start to finish? Today I would like to show you what went into the preparation process for one of my recent photo sessions.

Most of the items in this composition have gone a long way waiting to be photographed.

I'll probably tell you about all of them next time, as otherwise, this blog will end up being of the size of a small novel! But I would love to share with you today the story behind the vase you see and what has gone into preparing it for the final composition.


I bought this vase a real while ago in one of the local traditional British charity shops. It had a beautiful color to it and the shape that I just couldn't walk past and had to commemorate in one of my photo sets. 

It has since appeared in a couple of my other artworks. For example these two pieces below:

Yellow dots




However, I feel like this time it will most likely be its last debut. Who else in their right mind except for a photographer would do all of these things to achieve a great composition?

So, the first thing that I did - I sanded the vase using a piece of sanding paper.


Then I went over it with a stainless steel scouring pad. You've probably seen a similar one in your own kitchen.


I still wasn't completely happy with the texture of the surface, so I got this red clay brick involved to help me out to achieve the outcome that I wanted.


So this is the resulting texture that I managed to achieve:


But like all the work that I've put into this wasn't enough, there was one last stroke that I still had to make - split the vase into 2 halves. 


I think I will wrap it up for today, even though it was just a half or even less than a half of the whole preparation process - mainly, as I'm too eager and excited to put some time into photographing the resulting composition now.

But I will definitely be back to share the rest of the story very soon so keep an eye on my social media and or emails!

(*Update - this artwork has now been released - Rise)

If you'd like to follow along this journey with me - I would be happy to connect with you on Instagram (@photoportrayal_studio) or Facebook. Or if you'd like to explore other artworks I've done in the past - feel free to visit my online store here. And if you ever have any questions about what goes into the light painting process that I use, or any queries about the artworks themselves - don't shy away and reach out, as I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

But for now...

Until next time :)


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