Experiment: An artwork created in a pure flow. Do you ever experiment with various things in your life?

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I usually spend a lot of mental effort to come up with an idea and a plan for each art piece. However, I recently created an artwork that didn’t follow my usual routine and didn't have a sketch or a well-defined step by step for its creation. 

Imagine the time when you were in a pure flow. That is not how I usually create my art, but once you step into this state, it feels so right, and it feels like it is coming straight from the depth of your soul.

Associations and emotions that came to my mind while I was creating this artwork:

Evolution. Development. Increase. Proficiency. Savvy. Knack. Adroitness. Formula. Journey. Reversal. Transition. Conversion. Mutation. Variance. Shift. Cast. Position. Contrariety. Diversity. Medley. Multiplicity. Profusion. Jumble. Cluster. Transfer. Outpouring. Glut. Concentration. Dissimilarity.

This artwork is also an experiment because I blended two different photography techniques for the first time. 

The first technique that forms the basis of this artwork is my usual favourite - light painting photography. You can explore more about what makes it so magical here.

light painting photography

The second technique is inspired by the surreal look of Pep Ventosa's photography. He works in a very peculiar genre and I fell in love with his technique as a result. He uses multiple layers for each of his photographs and walks around his object to take a photograph from each angle, which he then combines into one resulting image.

pep ventosa painterly photography

However, as I am working in a private photo studio - walking around the object was not feasible for me, which is why I've come up with my own variation instead - I am rotating the object itself and taking photographs of it in various positions. 

And in my opinion, this blend of the two techniques is what actually creates an even more painterly look and feel of the image.

One of my biggest challenges while working on this art piece was that the length of the photoshoot increased significantly as there were now much more layers involved.

Previously I used to have 8-15 layers per artwork, depending on the complexity of the image. But for this piece, I had over 20 different layers combined into one. This means that it took at least 1.5 times more time compared to an already time-consuming light painting technique alone that I usually use.

However, I feel like it was definitely worth the time invested.

Here is the final result. Would be interesting to see/hear what you think? 

Are you as excited as I am?

experiment artwork

You can find more details about this artwork here

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