Extraordinary Plant Collection of Ranno ’o Astra: Decasstrov. Ever seen painting used in still life photography?

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I have been lately working on my new photography artwork - Decasstrov.

Would you like to see some behind the scenes footage showing how I am putting together the composition for the photo session? Take a look at the video below.

It all started from a sketch like most of my photography does.

light painting photography fine art photography sketch for composition

One of the main differentiating points of this artwork is that I applied my painting skills not just as part of the light painting technique as usual - I used the actual paint while preparing the composition itself.

I find it admirable how the texture came out as a result. The cracks that you can see on the tree are relatively challenging, even if possible, to create otherwise.

Why did I use paint?

First of all, I wanted to add more colours that I needed for the composition - the colours that would add a bit of a surreal and magical feel to the overall image.

Second, I wanted the tree to have this special texture so that the whole photograph has an even more painterly look comparing with my usual art pieces.

The flowers that you see on the tree are actually handmade. The deep red central parts are all made of clay and each one of those was shaped carefully. I had to wait for about a week to see them solidify and acquire the necessary texture and relief.

light painting fine art photography photography composition

I made the yellow petals of the flowers from dried rose petals (which took about a month to prepare) and artichoke pieces (you may recognise these from another one of my artworks - Equal Forces)

Some of you may also recognise the moss that I brought from Windermere a while ago. I used this moss in one of my artworks before too.

photography composition preparation for photography photo session

And the wires that are holding this all together and are forming a peculiar set of tree branches leading to the flowers are made from ivy branches I found a couple of years ago locally.

What also makes this construction unusual is that I used a rule of thirds on it. The top flower falls sharply at the cross-section of the upper third.

I will release this artwork very soon, so keep an eye on my social media and email newsletter - let's connect on Instagram(@photoportrayal_studio), Facebook or Pinterest.

(*Update - this artwork has now been released - Decasstrov)

Or, if you'd like to explore other artworks I've done in the past - feel free to visit my online store here. 

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