Extraordinary Plant Collection of Ranno ’o Astra: Er Naro flower

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Today I would like to share with you a story about a special flower called Er Naro.

It belongs to the Extraordinary Plant Collection of Ranno ’o Astra.

One of the unique things about this flower is that it grows only when someone is looking at it. That is why it hardly ever achieves its full size, especially in wild nature. That is why it is so rare.

It is a carnivorous plant, it derives most of its nutrients from trapping small animals and birds. By spraying its spores it leaves animals immobile and causes severe hallucinations from which no living creature can escape. 

It is close to impossible to resist the effects of these illusions so these poor animals keep looking at the plant, into the eyes of their own death. 

As the days pass and the victim becomes weaker and weaker, it eventually dies and the flower absorbs its breathless body.

I was totally fascinated by the story behind this plant so desperately wanted to photograph and share it.


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(*Update - this artwork has now been released - Er Naro)

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