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My name is Vadims and this is my wife - Zhanelya.

We are a family-run business called PHOTOPORTRAYAL.

We offer limited edition prints of still life fine art photography for collectors and art lovers looking for a unique piece painted with light.

And today we would like to tell you a bit more about the delivery, packaging and paper quality of our beautiful fine art prints.


Let's talk about delivery first. We are working with a high-quality well-known printing company based in the UK and they have branches all over the world. They are so good that even The Guardian is using them for their photography prints store.


They will print your print the next working day, and it will get delivered to your door in 3-5 working days if you are based in the UK and there is delivery available all over the world as well.

The shipping fee is of course included in the price, so you don't need to pay anything extra.


Let's talk about the packaging. Our photos will arrive either in a flat pack, wrapped with acid-free paper or in a tube, depending on the size of the photo.



And the print will come with a certificate of authenticity which will state the artist
name, the title, edition number, the size of the print, medium that it's printed on, production date and a unique certificate number. And it will have a high-quality hologram on the paper to make sure that the print is uniquely identifiable and certified properly.

Also, you will get this hologram sticker that you can attach to the back of your work to prove that it is properly certified and authenticated with the author.


Limited edition print  - Paper Quality

Each image is printed on a museum quality archival paper. We are using the Giclée method with archival pigment ink, and our prints can last up to 100 years.

Relatively older art pieces are printed on Canson Baryta Gloss paper. 

Canson Baryta Gloss Paper is a pure white paper with excellent black density, contrast and reproduction of detail. Absolutely perfect for vivid colours. The Baryta base creates whiter whites and deeper blacks whilst the silky smooth reflective coating enhances the detail and definition of the images.


And more recent artwork is printed on Hahnemüle Pearl paper.

Hahnemüle Pearl Paper is a bright neutral white paper with a smooth orange peel texture. The paper is resin coated with a fibrous feel, offering a great level of detail. The satin finish of the resin coating gives depth to the image which combined with the texture and vibrant colour reproduction give the image the feel of an oil painting. This is one of the most suitable of the Giclée Art Paper range for mounting.

hahnemuhle pearl fine art paper

Today we talked about the delivery, packaging and paper quality.

And to make things even better, we offer a 30-day no question return guarantee on every single print.

Feel free to explore our store for more artworks and reach out if you have any questions or concerns and we will be more than happy to help.

See you later! 


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