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Today I would like to share an answer to one of the most common questions that we are usually being asked about my artworks - what is the source of the ideas behind them. Read along if you'd like to find out too. 

Numerous people have asked me throughout my life to tell them how I usually come up with my compositions, and, to be honest, at first, I didn't even think about this question - I was just creating, and my answer to these people was that I don't really know how this happens. But then, I became curious myself, I started pondering on how ideas were born in my head and started observing, analysing and listening more to my inner self to find the answer.

I think thanks to this all I now finally have (at least a rough) answer to that question, i.e. how does this all happen. The process itself I would probably compare to preparing a soup. Yes, exactly, a soup, this is not a mistake or a typo - I can compare it to cooking a bowl of soup. A soup where my head serves as a pot, and everything that I hear, get inspired by, find and, of course, see in my everyday life - all this serves as the ingredients. I reckon that it all depends on the order you put these ingredients in and in which proportions. As a result, all of these are then combined, mixed together, you add a pinch of salt to your own taste, and as a result - you get something completely new.

Today, I wanted to share the new draft composition that I am currently working on. This is far from the final result and most likely there will be lots of changes to follow. But the ingredients are already put in place, and all is left - is just to steer it and a give it a bit of patience while it's cooking! 

(*Update - this artwork has now been released - Fencer)

Hope you've enjoyed reading and keep an eye on our Instagram account for the next artwork. If you'd like to check out other works in the meantime - feel free to visit our online store.

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