Sweetcorn - From sketch to finished artwork

Today, I am really excited to present a new artwork to you - the Sweetcorn. I would like to share the story behind the creation of this piece and show you what was happening from the very start to finish while I was working on it. Hope you will enjoy the ride...

The sketch is the basis for the whole creative process. This artwork - Sweetcorn - is not an exclusion. The first creation happens with a good plan and a sketch, and the second creation is the image itself. 

Do you usually plan important things in your life yourself?

Or do you go with the flow?


In life, in general, I am a bit of both, but when it comes to the creative process - preparation is key for me. For example, it took 4 weeks of me waiting until this sweetcorn reached the right condition.


I was waiting for its little golden kernels to dry, shrink and get to this beautiful pale shade of yellow. And the tray that you see in the image was bought in a local charity shop around half a year ago, it was just waiting for the right moment. 


Have you ever waited for something for a long time to get the exact result that you want?

Now, when the sketch is ready, I have to put together the composition itself. Align the sweetcorn properly on the tray, fix it all together. If the composition is even a tiny bit unstable, it can cause movement during the light photography process itself, which means that I will have to redo the whole photo set over again.


Now, once the composition is all set, next comes one of the most interesting steps in a photography journey of most if not all of my artworks. The light painting process for this particular image took me just a bit over an hour and a half. An hour and a half spent in close to complete darkness, lighting my way to a complete piece of art with a little torch.


Here is the resulting artwork. Hope you can see and appreciate the subtle beauty of this image.

What is special about this particular art piece is that most of the art that is depicting sweetcorn is usually showing it blooming and fresh, with bright yellow kernels. But I wanted to see what it would look like in a desaturated condition, with shrunken pale yellow seeds.


That is why a 4-week wait was necessary until the sweetcorn reached the right state for the photoshoot. It also feels like this handmade wooden tray is complementing the sweetcorn really nicely. It looked adorable when I bought it about half a year ago from one of the local charity shops. The unusual look of the sweetcorn seeds as well as the tray that no longer serves as a tray but rather as a gorgeous ornate frame for the sweetcorn - all these things give the image a little bit of a surreal atmosphere. 

I really like how the materials you see complement each other, I adore the play of lines and light on the tray and the individual kernels. It makes this whole image look like it was carefully painted with a multitude of brush strokes and a set of oils.

What can you see in the image yourself?

What thoughts it triggers in your mind?

Hope you liked the story behind this artwork. Keep an eye on our Instagram account for the next piece. If you'd like to check out other works in the meantime - feel free to visit our online store. Till next time!

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