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Today, I would like to share a bit more behind the stage magic from my preparation process for one of the latest photo sessions. You can find the start of this story here - Broken vase: How is photography composition made?. And today, I would like to talk about the top part of the composition and the steps I had to take to get it ready for a photoshoot.

The dried poppy flowers that you see below have a long story behind them. I picked them up back in summer when they just finished blooming and formed some seeds for the year to come.


Since then, I was monitoring them almost daily, waiting for this special color to emerge. I was waiting for this particular shade of green/marsh brown that you can see in the picture. Then, to make sure the composition fits together, I had to cut some stems off and shape the whole thing very carefully. And liquid plastic can come in handy sometimes to piece together a composition like this.

Some people say that my photo studio looks like a cave of a warlock. Mainly, as I have dead and drying plants, feathers and glass and ceramic vases all over it, getting ready for their next appearance in my artworks.

Now, it's time to add some accents to the composition. The red flower that you see below is actually a dried piece of pomegranate peel with a stem, painted with a bright red color. And it has a whole story to itself. 


This adorable piece dates all the way back to 2012. This year I met my lovely wife Zhanelya and we were just getting to know each other. This pomegranate was part of one of the first bouquets of flowers that I gifted to her. I remember this like it was yesterday. I handed over the bouquet to Zhanelya, looking into her eyes and said "I will stop loving you when the last flower in this bouquet dies". And as you have probably guessed, this particular one wasn't going to die ever. 

I can't believe she saved it for so many years and it was moving together with our little family from one apartment to another. And we have even broken off the stem during one of the moves and I had to glue it all back together. 

But, despite all the hurdles we've gone through, this flower, as our love to each other, hasn't faded a single shade of red since. And now, it is going to be commemorated forever in my next artwork.

And last but not the least, for those who have been following along my artistic journey for quite a while now - I have a little hint for you in this video for one of my previous artworks (see the photo below). 


Many people asked me these questions about that particular artwork that I have in mind - "How it was made, how are the stones floating/flying?" 

So, if you look at the stones in the bottom right corner of the image above, you may finally get an answer to these questions.

I won't be giving any more hints for this artwork in this article, but feel free to reach out if you are still curious to find out which artwork this belongs to!

And if you'd like to follow along this artistic journey with me - I would be happy to connect with you on Instagram (@photoportrayal_studio) or Facebook.

(*Update - this artwork has now been released - Rise)

Or if you'd like to explore other artworks I've done in the past - feel free to visit my online store here. 

Next time I will tell you a bit more about the rest of the composition.

But for now...

Have a great rest of the week!

And until next time :)


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