Extraordinary Plant Collection of Ranno ’o Astra: Tesro'on. What does an animal's soul look like?

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I often like to invest some time into a bit of a DIY for my fine art still life photography compositions.

It all starts with an idea in my head which is then turned into a sketch. This sketch is in turn transformed into a ready-to-photograph composition, followed by hours and hours of photographing it in a close to complete darkness. And finally, the resulting image is then put together through a sophisticated image-editing process.

This time, I wanted to explore one idea that came to my mind - "What does an animal's soul look like?"

And this is how this composition was born.

The idea is that the flower that you see below is the reincarnation of a deceased animal, of a deceased wolf in particular. This is one of the special species of plants that grows at the spot where an animal dies, transforming the energy from its body into a new life.


I was waiting for one of the parts - an artificial skull of wolf in particular (all made of plastic, no real animal was harmed) - to arrive all the way from China for about a month.

I found some dry branches and berries on the sea front next to where I live. It took me a while to find the ones that would match the composition I imagined.

And I had to dry another plant that I picked up from the same place for several weeks to get the shape and colour that I envisioned.

Finally, I reused the stone and some moss leftovers that I brought from the Lake District ages ago, which some of you may recognise from one of my previous art pieces. 

I am really looking forward to see what this image will look like when it's ready.

Are you as excited as I am?

I will release this artwork very soon, so keep an eye on my social media and email newsletter - let's connect on Instagram (@photoportrayal_studio), Facebook or Pinterest.

(*Update - this artwork has now been released - Tesro'on)

Or if you'd like to explore the fine art prints of the artworks that I've done in the past - feel free to visit my online store here. 

Until next time,


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