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I mentioned in my latest blog post that I was working on a new composition. And today, I wanted to share the result - my latest artwork called "Fencer" - and tell you a couple of facts that inspired me for this photo session.


You can see for yourself how the composition evolved over time from the original sketch and photography set up to a (hopefully) much better result. And it would also be very interesting to see your thoughts that came to your mind while looking at this photograph in the comments below.


Here are these facts:

1. In fencing, the main feature of the hitting does not impose any significant force like in most of the other combat types of sports. In opposite, a forceful hit would signify the lack of experience and inferiority of the technique of the opponent. A correct hit needs to be made not by using the whole body, but rather by using your wrist.

2. However, this doesn't make the fencer's weapon weak at all, and some people believe that the tip of the fencing blade is the second fastest moving object in sport behind a marksman's bullet. 

3. Fencing mask with its dense stainless steel mesh protects the head except for the back of the head, and it also has a bib that protects the neck. Several years ago people started to use masks made of glass so that the spectators could see the emotions of the sportsmen. However, this new addition hasn't proven to be viable - even the most solid carbon fiber does not always protect against a hit, and because of the numerous scratches this glass needs to be exchanged quite frequently. Plus, this leads to significant condensation which obscures the fencer's view.

Hope you've enjoyed reading the story behind this artwork. Keep an eye on our Instagram account for the next art piece. If you'd like to check out other works in the meantime - feel free to visit our online storeTill next time!

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