How did this all start? A little sneak peek at the journey of an artist

meet the artist photography composition photography ideas

Many people ask me where it all began. How did I end up where I currently am, and what was part of this life long journey so far? So, how did this all start?  I feel like I am an artist at my very core. I started as a painter and fell in love with the creative process from day one. I always admired still life paintings, especially those from the 17th century, but I was always on a lookout for some more inventive ways in art.  I have tried different techniques and methods from drawing to oils and one day decided...

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The magic that goes into preparations for a photo session

meet the artist photography composition photography ideas preparing for a photo set

Today, I would like to share a bit more behind the stage magic from my preparation process for one of the latest photo sessions. You can find the start of this story here - Broken vase: How is photography composition made?. And today, I would like to talk about the top part of the composition and the steps I had to take to get it ready for a photoshoot. The dried poppy flowers that you see below have a long story behind them. I picked them up back in summer when they just finished blooming and formed some seeds for the year...

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Broken vase: How is photography composition made?

inspiration meet the artist photography composition photography ideas

Many people ask me how the photography composition is made. Where does it start? What goes into the process from start to finish? Today I would like to show you what went into the preparation process for one of my recent photo sessions. Most of the items in this composition have gone a long way waiting to be photographed. I'll probably tell you about all of them next time, as otherwise, this blog will end up being of the size of a small novel! But I would love to share with you today the story behind the vase you see and what has gone into...

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International Photography Awards - First Place - Fine Art, Still Life

meet the artist photography awards

International Photography Awards category winners and finalists were revealed yesterday, on 27 October 2020, for both the professional and non-professional/student categories. A stellar international jury of renowned photography experts judged a total of 13,000 entries from 120 countries around the world to finally select these outstanding category winners.  Along with the Category Winners, IPA also revealed the recipients of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize in each of  the competition’s sub-categories, and Honorable Mentions from across both professional and amateur entries. And I am honoured that my work was awarded a Winning Placement in the 2020 edition of the International Photography Awards. A...

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When and how photography became art

photography history

Photography was invented in the 1820s and quickly became popular thereafter, but it was originally considered a mere skill rather than a form of art. For almost 100 years photographic prints never appeared in any art galleries or exhibitions, and photography was seen to be more part of technical knowledge rather than art on its own. However, this perception changed when such talented photographers as Alfred Stieglitz and Ansel Adams entered the stage. They finally lifted photography into a well-deserved honourable title of fine art.  Ansel Adams, Evening, McDonald Lake, Glacier National Park, 1933-1942, National Archives and Records Administration Many other artists took part in the...

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