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Tesro'on belongs to the Extraordinary Plant Collection of Ranno ’o Astra.

This bush represents a form of a deceased animal. It grows solely at the spot where an animal died. This serves as a form which the animal uses whilst waiting for the reincarnation. Sometimes it may take anywhere from several weeks to several months. The bush itself doesn't have any buds or leaves, just berries of all sorts of shape and form, colour and size. Some people believe that the number of berries signifies the number of reincarnations of a particular animal.

I was asked to photograph this Tesro'on by the owner of the collection himself because the animal depicted in this photograph was a very close friend of Ranno. It was his polar wolf named Tar. By the time when I finished the photo session, the bush completely crumbled away and turned into dust. This meant that Tar left this world for a new circle of life. And who knows, maybe Tar and Ranno will meet again.


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