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  • 32.6 x 50 cm - edition of 7
  • 52.2 x 80 cm - edition of 3


When was the last time you remember coming up with an idea that you fall in love with, trying to look at that idea from different angles, trying to imagine the final result and at the same time feeling like you simply have no clue how to achieve it? 

I really like this kind of situation as it gives you a chance to challenge yourself. It was one of those occasions. 

In this artwork, I tried to achieve a paint blending effect. In painting, it is so simple for you to just blend two or more colours to achieve another colour. 

But how about photography? You don't really have a paint to blend or a brush to help you. 

Usually, in my photography practice, I prepare a sketch first, whilst pedantically preparing every single move and detail, such as exposure time needed etc. So, before I even start - I already know what and how I will do this or that. 

This time was different though. I was fully relying on a flow. No plan, no prepared steps - only my wish to achieve that painterly look that you can see. 

After hours of work, when I finished and analysed the result I was shocked. It is true - when you are in a flow your body and brain sometimes know better how and what to do. You can find some completely different ways of solving the problems and finding the answers. That is why I am very happy with the result and decided to practice more of this state in my photography in the future too. 

You can now try selected artworks from PHOTOPORTRAYAL in your home!

All you need is your smartphone or tablet and the free virtual reality Hoverlay app.


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  • Limited edition
  • To give you a sense of true exclusivity.
  • Authentically Certified
  • To guarantee the uniqueness of each individual print.
  • Signed
  • To add even more value and authenticity to the print.
  • Printed on Archival Hahnemühle Pearl Paper
  • Hahnemüle Pearl Paper is a bright neutral white paper with a smooth orange peel texture. The paper is resin coated with a fibrous feel, offering a great level of detail. The satin finish of the resin coating gives depth to the image which combined with the texture and vibrant colour reproduction give the image the feel of an oil painting. This is one of the most suitable of the Giclée Art Paper range for mounting.
  • Archival Pigment Print (Giclée)
  • Giclée printing gives a fine art feel to a print and allows to achieve deeper and richer colours due to the bright pigments used to make up the inks.
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  • Get the artwork delivered safely to your door and absolutely for free, regardless of which country you reside in.
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Our prints usually come unframed. We can also offer several options for archival frames and mounting. Please Contact Us for more information.


This fine art print is printed on the highest quality fine art paper. It is an acid-free archival paper with a smooth, white tone surface. Photographs printed on this paper come out perfectly sharp with outstanding smooth gradations, excellent details and natural, beautifully saturated colours. The scenery looks so vivid that you'll want to jump into this world.


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